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Payment Terms

When do I have to pay for my order?

Customers should be prepared to pay for their orders upon pick-up via cash, check, or credit card. Mountain Promotions reserves the right to ask for down payment or deposit on any order.

Accounts that place frequent orders with a timely payment history are allowed to apply for Net 20 Day Terms after one full year of maintaining a current account status.

Am I required to have a purchase order if placing an order for custom apparel or products?

Purchase orders are required by some schools and businesses but not others. Please check with your accounts payable department to verify their preferred purchasing policies. Purchase orders do require some additional effort on the part of the customer, but it also offers the customer additional protection and credibility from the school, employer, and/or other entity. 

Is there a penalty for late payment?

Yes, Mountain Promotions applies an automatic late payment fee of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) on all past due accounts.

How can a customer prove that an order should be exempt from Sales Tax according to Wisconsin State Law?

The customer must provide Mountain Promotions with a completed and signed WI DOR S-211 form, asking for the state provided resellers number proving its tax exempt status, BEFORE ordering products. Customers cannot simply refuse to pay sales tax after an order has been billed including the sales tax.

If collecting order forms, should payments be made to Mountain Promotions?

Customers should submit one form of payment to Mountain Promotions. We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep our records accurate.  Multiple payment sources may disqualify tax exempt status.

Provided Garments

Does Mountain Promotions accept provided garments?

Yes, Mountain Promotions does accept provided garments if a few conditions are met.

1) The customer must sign a disclaimer that Mountain Promotions will not be held responsible for any damage to provided garments caused by our production methods. It also acknowledges that Mountain Promotions will not offer compensation or replacement of provided garments that are damaged.

2) The provided garments must be brand new/unused and unlaundered.

3) The customer must agree to pay the provided garment fee which varies by product

4) Mountain Promotions does reserve the right to refuse garments that could have been purchase through Mountain Promotions

Is there an incentive for customers buy products from Mountain Promotions instead of "going direct" to garment companies and retailers?

Yes! Due to the high volume of apparel purchased on a daily basis, Mountain Promotions can purchase garments well below retail prices - at such a discount that we can offer our customers prices below retail, often times even below retail sale prices.

1) Garments purchased through Mountain Promotions are specifically designed to be compatible with our production methods, eliminating the risk of damaging garments not designed to withstand the custom imprinting.

2) Often times customers will save money buying the same garments from Mountain Promotions that they can find in retail stores - even sports retailers and big box discount stores.

3) Many garments sold in retail stores are not designed to be imprinted.

4) Sometimes retail products are treated with stain resistance properties that resist our inks and other imprinting methods commonly used by Mountain Promotions

5) On the rare occasion that products are damaged, Mountain Promotions can replace them quickly if we purchase them from our regular vendors. When customers supply their own garments we cannot make timely replacements.

Order Practices & Policies

Is there a minimum quantity on orders from Mountain Promotions?

For screen printing and embroidery orders there are NO minimum quantity requirements, however, small orders can be cost prohibitive. Promotional products and some custom produced apparel, there are minimum order requirements as dictated by our partner companies.

How will I know when my order is finished?

Mountain Promotions will contact you by phone and/or e-mail when your order is completed.

Artwork Requirements

Can Mountain Promotions create artwork based on my specifications?

Yes, Mountain Promotions has a dedicated Art Team with over 30 years of design experience.

If I pay fees like a "screen fee" or a "digitization fee" or a "setup fee" do I own the setup equipment or materials?

No. Screens, films, designs, digital files, and the like are considered property of Mountain Promotions unless purchased at fair market value. You do NOT own the equipment or tools in a tangible sense. You can ask us to reuse an existing setup if you would like us to run a "re-order" using the same setup as a previous order.


It is a common misconception that when a screen printer makes a screen for a customer job that it is kept forever. Screens are actually reusable and frequently erased and re-created. Similarly, other setup fees compensate us to create intellectual property for us to use on your behalf to create the finished products you request. These equipment and files are the tools of our trade. They are not the products we sell.

If I already have a logo, what are the preferred file types for providing that artwork to the Mountain Promotions Art Team?

Computer generated artwork should be provided in either Illustrator or Vector format (i.e. PDF, EPS, AI). Please convert text to outlines. File types like JPG, TIFF, PNG are not usable for our production purposes. Provided artwork is subject to the approval of the Mountain Promotions Art Team.

If I have products designed by Mountain Promotions do I own the artwork?

The customer only owns designs created by Mountain Promotions if purchased at fair market value. Prices vary depending on the project and time and talent required, starting at $250.00 per design (price current as of 2015). Releasing vector and other file types of created designs incur an additional cost on a per occasion basis. See question below for related information regarding setup fees. It is assumed that customers are not requesting for Mountain Promotions to transfer ownership of our designs to them unless specifically requested in advance.

Order Forms & Online Store Policies

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Mountain Promotions to facilitate customized garments and products for your organization. 

Our goal is to provide a simplified process to make order collection and fulfillment for large groups as simple as possible based on our years of experience in custom order fulfillment in the promotional products industry. We hope you find the fulfillment process that we have developed to be the best in the industry.

Payments for Paper Order Forms:

The sale organizer (or “Bill to” Organization being represented by the Sale Organizer) is responsible to pay for all items requested through submitted order forms. It is strongly encouraged that paper orders are paid in full when completed order forms are returned to the primary contact. Mountain Promotions strongly advises against submitting order forms that have not been paid in advance. 
Order forms are easily paid by cash or check, with checks written out to the Billable Organization (i.e. school, club, business, etc.) as determined by the Sale Organizer. If the Sale Organizer wishes to accept other forms of payment that is their prerogative and at their own risk. 

Paper Order Forms:

Paper order forms are billed at dollar amounts agreed upon in advance by the Sale Organizer (on behalf of the “Bill to” or Billable Organization) and Mountain Promotions based on the quoted cost of items being offered.

Paper Order Forms Used With Online Stores/Online Order Forms:

When paper order forms are used jointly with online stores, the online store amount will be adjusted so that the paper order form price and the online price are the same after sales taxes are added to the online store amount. This is to reduce confusion amongst buyers. It also satisfies our sales tax collection obligations to the State of Wisconsin. 

Important Note: Since orders placed online are far less costly to process, Mountain Promotions is considering discounting online prices below the paper order form price in the future. Sales commencing in 2017 will not be impacted.

Submitting Paper Order Forms:

All Paper Order Forms should be submitted to Mountain Promotions in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Actual Hard Copy

  2. Scanned and E-mailed (preferably in color)

It is advisable for Sale Organizers to make a copy of any order forms submitted for their own records.

Online Stores

Shipping & Delivery Policy

All orders placed through Mountain Promotions online stores will be shipped through US Postal Service, UPS Ground, or direct delivery depending on the agreement between our company and the primary contact person representing your organization. Temporary stores or countdown stores will have items produced and shipping by the agreed upon fulfillment date as long as orders are place before the stated cutoff time.


Year-round stores with no listed cutoff time will have orders fulfilled within 7-10 business days. Product descriptions or individual stores may contain additional information regarding shipping and delivery on a store-by-store or product-by-product basis. You can contact the primary contact person representing your group with any questions or contact Mountain Promotions directly.

Security Policy

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Mountain Promotions currently operates online stores through InkSoft as of July 2017.

Environmental Impact

If environmentally friendly products are important to you, please let us know so we can do our best to find the best product for your interests.

In brief, Mountain Promotions is highly committed to being as eco-friendly as possible and we have made significant investments in infrastructure improvements and product selection in recent years to be more green than ever before. In general, screen printing and embroidery processes leave a relatively small eco-footprint. Mountain Promotions goes above and beyond industry standards.

Here are some resources for eco-friendly and organic products that we carry:
Eco-Friendly Apparel 1
Eco-Friendly Apparel 2
Organic Apparel 1
Eco-Friendly Promotional Products
HAE Organic

Feel free to contact any of our Sales Team Members for help finding the right eco-friendly/organic products for your needs!

Privacy Policy

Customer billing and payment information is not shared or sold.

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